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The unwanted are kicked into
the black sea...
... where they would
melt and harden into
a pure metal.

The metal was then harvested
and put to good use by the
common man.


From the most handsome developer ever...
Samu presents you with a new RPG experience that will
Blow. Your. Mind.

Introducing Mothlight. A game about exploration, weird stuff,
and exploring a world made entirely out of people. Literally.


This world is different.
As people were kicked into the black sea,
their bodies melted and then hardened
into a pure metal called "Dreg Ore".

Soon the ore started to clump together
and form islands. This happened more
and more until continents were made.

People who were kicked in fell on land instead
of in the water. And then boom. Civilization.


Your main goal is to explore and thrive!
Gear up, get cooler armor and be more stylish.
Fight more bizarre bosses and find more exciting items!
The world is yours to conquer!


Neethan threatens Augus in a time most harsh.
Demons from the darkest depths of the sea are making everyone go mad.
The Apostles of the Deep Ones are manipulating powerful entities...
And Enzo is stuck in the middle of it.
Escape this hell and return to the world above...
...or be devoured by the eldritch abominations below.




The creator of this game and it's art. He loves you.

Chez Monplaisir

The man behind the music. Limitless in talent. The game is lifeless without his touch.

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Published 23 days ago
GenreRole Playing
Tags16-bit, Action-Adventure, artgame, RPGMaker, Surreal, weird


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the game is really good, love the art and music. good job!

I do have to complain that my zip file ended up corrupted and some of the music tracks end up distorted and I'm stuck at Augus because all the objects are invisible. hope you'll fix it soon!

Hey, that's a bizarre issue. What's going on exactly because no one else has experianced that issue? I'd keep your save file and try and put it here: http://gamejolt.com/games/mothlight/271508   Maybe download this version? Not sure.

Ah, thank you! The game works properly now!

I have no idea why this happens, this isn't the first time I experienced this sort of issue. It usually gets fixed when I download a game from a different source.

Either way, thank you! I hope I didn't cause much trouble!

Thanks so much! Glad it worked out :D

the graphics and soundtrack are amazing! this game is very atmospheric and i do love the aesthetic that it has, as well as the intriguing story. very nicely done.

Thank you so much man, really warms my cold ass heart. Love ya!

This looks cool. I'll check it out when I have time!