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The unwanted are kicked into
the black sea...
... where they would
melt and harden into
a pure metal.

The metal was then harvested
and put to good use by the
common man.


From the most handsome developer ever...
Samu presents you with a new RPG experience that will
Blow. Your. Mind.

Introducing Mothlight. A game about exploration, weird stuff,
and exploring a world made entirely out of people. Literally.


This world is different.
As people were kicked into the black sea,
their bodies melted and then hardened
into a pure metal called "Dreg Ore".

Soon the ore started to clump together
and form islands. This happened more
and more until continents were made.

People who were kicked in fell on land instead
of in the water. And then boom. Civilization.


Your main goal is to explore and thrive!
Gear up, get cooler armor and be more stylish.
Fight more bizarre bosses and find more exciting items!
The world is yours to conquer!


Neethan threatens Augus in a time most harsh.
Demons from the darkest depths of the sea are making everyone go mad.
The Apostles of the Deep Ones are manipulating powerful entities...
And Enzo is stuck in the middle of it.
Escape this hell and return to the world above...
...or be devoured by the eldritch abominations below.




The creator of this game and it's art. He loves you.

Chez Monplaisir

The man behind the music. Limitless in talent. The game is lifeless without his touch.


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Absolutely incredible game. Music, artwork, storyline and the world this is set in, are all perfection. I am a compete newbie to gaming in general so this was ideal, especially due to it being completely FREE, no money wasted, and a hell of a quality experience for $0 in total.

It was an emotional, jarring, and thought-provoking ride that had me in tears during the final battle.
Highly, highly recommended. I couldn't love this game more. :,) 

I played this on Steam and it was a fantastic if completely "What the hell am I playing?" type game. I played on cause it had ensnared me and it was fantastic. While weird, I am completely glad I played this game and ranted and raved to my friend about it. Of course, the cat character helped but it was a good game nevertheless. Probably one of the weirdest games I ever played! Thanks for the experience!

I loved every moment of playing this game. Once a week, the site I write for does a brief article on indie titles that we think others should play.  After my second play through, I could probably write a lot more, but I had to share my thoughts immediately after playing Mothlight. I had so much fun, thanks for making the game! 100% looking forward to what's in development for the future. 

I really enjoyed this game and its' grim environment. I have no idea how I stumbled upon it but it's so fun I binged 'Mothlight' then moved on to finish the other Samu game 'Soulscape'. I highly recommend both!

I'm very excited to see anything that is made by this creator.

You can follow my next project here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd1gzt58gyjSkvV8p4kK46w

Thanks man!

 I'll be sure to play it when it's released.

I have fallen in love with this game. The music is artistic in it's format. The overall graphic design fits the simple format for the 2.5D RPG and that's perfect for the game itself. The combat animations are very, very well done! Overall as a game enthusiast Mothlight has taken a high place in my favorite across any genre! Thanks to everyone that took part in the process of making the game and I hope you continue to do so  

Haha! Thank you so much! It's just me and Monplaisir who made the tunes~

I've already got a similar project in the works. Soulscape is also good but no where near as good as Mothlight, but if you're interested in a similar game you should play that too.

This game is beautiful, the drawn graphics and music are amazing. This is endless inspiration ha, I hope you make more games in the future :).

There will be more, new project already in early stages :>

Awesome, dude!

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This  game is so very awesome.  Just finished it.  I'd say its as good as Undertale if that means anything to you.  Obviously its a little unfinished in a few places, but I think it adds to the charm, you're just a one man dev team right!  Also, I'd have to say that I never really understood Luck or Knowledge until I found the library pretty late in the game, but that's kind of my fault.

Wow holy crap, saying it's as good as undertale makes my heart skip! It's just me here, yeah, and Monplaisir who made the music :3 And no, it's not your fault that was a very poor design choice on my part. Sorry about that. Thank you so much for playing!

Very Great Game! but samu i want to ask you something. SPOILERS!!!

Does Lilly kill Enzo at the end?

And are you gonna make Mothlight 2? PLS MAKE IT THE GAME ITS SO COOL BUT DARK AT THE SAME TIME.


Hey silly cat what's up? Lilly did not kill Enzo, they both returned to the surface world above. Mothlight 2 may or may not happen, Idk, I will be making another game soon which has no relation to Mothlight other than it's on another planet in the same universe. All of my games and projects will be set in the same world! Soulscape too ;) Enzo and Lilly's story will most likely continue in a content update or Comic, but their time is not over and the Old Ones are still a huge threat. Expect more from them.

This game gets a:
Has a few small graphical issues, non of which detract from the overall experience and enjoy-ability / 10

so I think that's like, a 9?

the game is really good, love the art and music. good job!

I do have to complain that my zip file ended up corrupted and some of the music tracks end up distorted and I'm stuck at Augus because all the objects are invisible. hope you'll fix it soon!

Hey, that's a bizarre issue. What's going on exactly because no one else has experianced that issue? I'd keep your save file and try and put it here: http://gamejolt.com/games/mothlight/271508   Maybe download this version? Not sure.

Ah, thank you! The game works properly now!

I have no idea why this happens, this isn't the first time I experienced this sort of issue. It usually gets fixed when I download a game from a different source.

Either way, thank you! I hope I didn't cause much trouble!

Thanks so much! Glad it worked out :D

the graphics and soundtrack are amazing! this game is very atmospheric and i do love the aesthetic that it has, as well as the intriguing story. very nicely done.

Thank you so much man, really warms my cold ass heart. Love ya!

This looks cool. I'll check it out when I have time!