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For some reason the paypal payment wont go through. Is there any way to fix this?

hi samu-kun!

I have played both mothlight and orogenesis now, I really really love both games and am excited for more content and games from you!

but ok, in orogenesis, im kindof confused.
I have gotten all 3 oculoid tears, I have unlocked the hellsgate and the sacred flame and gotten access to the fifth level?
I still can't figure out how to defeat the dragon or the eldritch creature though! (and im sure those are crucial to advancing in the game!)

if you are able to provide any tips or help, please do

if not that is ok, thank you for the game!

i really want to play this game but for some reason its not allowing me to buy it : / fricking sucks :c

i only have mac it would be nice if you could support both windows and mac


I noticed your game was not tagged for windows so I tagged it for you.


Normally not a fan of RPGs like this but the visuals intrigued me enough to try it out. I ended up loving the demo and fully completing it. I backed it on kickstarter :)

Sorry, had comments disabled by accident! Feedback is welcome!